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Do I Need a Design?

We get asked this question a lot, and often, but not always, the answer is yes.

There are many advantages to doing a design for both the client and the contractor. When you do a design, there aren’t any cost surprises. Because our landscape designs are drawn to scale, every measurement represents an exact measurement of your yard and the price is exact. Similarly, when you draw a design first, it is much easier to control for your budget. Each component you install in your landscape project has a separate unit cost, depending on what it is. Thus, by playing with the layout, we are able to economize your design.

Your landscape should be an extension of your home, and every design should follow its function. While doing your project in phases may be necessary from a financial standpoint, installing it piece by piece without a blueprint makes for a truncated, choppy, intermittent landscape. A landscape should flow in a continuous, natural rhythm where every adjoining element complements the section it rests beside. How the hardscape, softscape, nightscape, and waterscape (when applicable), all relate to each other is an art and vibe that can only be achieved by planning it out on a canvas, so to speak. There’s no such thing in nature as a straight line and compartmentalizing lends itself to geometric shapes that illustrate that type of error. There are a few architectural exceptions (as with Eichler homes).

Aside from the economic and artistic benefits, is the advantage to having both the client and the contractor on the same page. The client knows ahead of time what the project is going to cost and what it’s going to look like. Most clients really appreciate the forethought. By having everyone refer to the same plan, there’s less room for miscommunication. This makes for a pleasant installation process. Jefferson Landscape and Design charges a small fee for the design process, but when you hire us to do the installation, the design fee is applied toward the cost of your project.

So, it’s a win for everyone involved. To set up a design consultation, please fill out our Online Form on our Contact page.

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