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Dear Jeff,

Both Pat and I are so very pleased with the work you guys did. Thank you again. Our front yard looks terrific! We love having the stamped concrete for our driveway and rest of our front  hardscape. It really stands out! We watch from our living room window as the neighbors stop and admire it . Jefferson Landscape will definitely be recommended to anyone who asks who did the work. In fact, when you get a chance, drop off some cards! 


Gerry and Pat

Castro Valley

Hello Jeff.

I just wanted to thank you once again for all the time and hard work you, Emilio and Alejandro put into our project. Every time we step out to the back yard onto our beautiful stamped concrete patio, we are in awe at how beautiful our landscape is! Your suggestions and guidance through the design process were invaluable as well. We knew from our first meeting you would be the one to design and put our landscaping in. The thought and consideration you poured into the project was contagious and caused us to get even more excited! The way you presented us with several options told us you had the expertise we were searching for...and the patience! As you know, we spoke to many landscape contractors before we found you.


And I'm so grateful we did! You brought so much positive energy to our home, you have a gift!


Even though you were busy (I don't know how you do it), we want you to know we deeply appreciate how you made the time to communicate with us on a daily basis and  promptly got back to us when we had questions. You are both thoughtful and professional, and  by the way, so are Alejandro and Emilio. They are such hard workers! While the project was expensive, (after all it was a lot of work!), your integrity and character immediately put us at ease and we trusted you implicitly. For an owner to put so much personal stock in their client is impressive and rare. We love everything about our new landscape and wanted to make sure you knew how much we appreciate the care you put into our property.


Kudos to Jefferson Landscape for a job well done!

Marti and Robert

San Ramon

Jefferson Landscape and Design,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say how very impressed and inspired I am by your work. Your crew are not only hard workers, but they paid extra attention to even the smallest of details making sure that the end results were of the highest quality. In the end, your company surpassed my expectations. I will truly enjoy this magnificent creation for a long time to come.


Thank you!


Hayward Highlands

Greetings Jeff!

We wish to commend you and everyone at Jefferson Landscape and Design for the quality work you did for us. I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoy our back yard now, or how much more time we spend outside. The design you came up with is truly breath-taking. When my daughter recently came to visit she said she didn't even recognize it! Everything is so different! I don't know where you get your imagination from!


Of course my personal favorite is the pondless waterfall, which just as you predicted, is the focal point of the yard, day or night. We also want to commend your workers. They worked so hard, did such fine work and were so considerate and well-mannered, it was truly a pleasure to see them arrive each and every morning. Please thank them again for us.

I can't wait for the passion vine to grow up over the arbor!


Castro Valley

Dear Jeff and Felix,

Thank you for the wonderful job you did redesigning our yard. I know it was a huge undertaking. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. It really turned out beautifully! I enjoy sitting on the patio in the evenings with my girlfriends, sometimes until late, having a few glasses of wine just watching the pond as we talk.


I drove up and bought a few small Koi at Connie's Pond and Garden in Castro Valley as you suggested, and so far so good. I also bought a half-dozen six inch goldfish and a turtle. The fish really like the cave you built. My girlfriend was over the other night (Stacey - she may call you guys) and I was telling her about the cave and how it gives the fish a place to hide from predators, and you disguised it so well she couldn't find it! I finally had to point it out to her. So Funny!!


You guys are top notch!



Warm Springs, Fremont 

Hello Jeff,

I'm not sure if you remember me. A number of years ago you installed an eco-system pond & waterfall for me and I have to tell you - it has been well worth every nickel! I have become a enthusiastic pond hobbyist. I've decorated it with all kinds of ornamental knick-knacks and have strategically placed a couple small statuaries, and every month or so I buy another plant or two. The more plants I add, the better it looks! I'm glad I chose the 11' x 16' because I have so much room to play with. Last year I had a lovely concrete bench delivered and placed it near the bottom of the waterfall. Sometimes I sit there for hours! In fact, unless it's raining I don't miss a day where I sit and have my morning coffee watching the Koi and Goldfish. I even bought a couple of turtles! Thank you again to you and the guys for doing such a beautiful job! I can honestly say having the pond has changed my life!  Give me a call if you're in the area, I'd love to show you what I've done. 

Carrie Ann

San Lorenzo

Hi Jeff,

Your team did an outstanding job installing our pondless waterfall. They did quality work and the installation went flawlessly. We especially appreciate how everyone worked late all week to make sure it was completed in time for Thanksgiving. I know when Carol asked if you could make that deadline you had to call your customer and ask them to switch places with us after they had presumably already been waiting. Listen, it's not easy to find a contractor so dedicated to their clientele and willing to make exceptions and we are both grateful not only for your consideration, but the waterfall is outstanding! And again, please that your other client for letting our project be completed first. I would HIGHLY recommend you and your entire crew!



Jefferson Landscape,

It was a pleasure working with all of you! Jeff, your suggestions inspired us from the beginning, and the design you came up with works perfectly. I can't believe you found a way to fit everything we wanted given the size of our yard. The way you laid it out without making it feel crowded took real talent. If anything it feels bigger. I can't believe you drew it by hand! We met with a handful of other companies before we met you and saw a few designs done with various so-called landscape software, and they were just hideous! 

Emilio and Alejandro were so polite and worked so hard, they impressed us as well. You were all so professional and did such fine work, you exceeded our expectations. What a pleasant experience! I doubt there are many landscape companies as qualified as you. And now Emilio handles our maintenance and he's doing a great job. Thanks again guys. 


San Leandro

Dear Jefferson Landscape and Design,

Let me just start by saying how thrilled my wife and I are with the outcome of our backyard project! We were so impressed by your dedication to the process and all the communication during. You and your workers were great. Your guys cleaned up at the end of everyday and that impressed me. Also, their conduct was always professional. I was quite impressed to watch how the concrete was done so quickly. The entire process was fascinating, the stamping especially. I still haven't bought any fish for my pond yet but I intend to this weekend. Thank you again for a job well done. 



Hello Jeff,

I just want to commend you once again on the excellent job!

We were so thoroughly impressed with the job you did, especially finding the plants and trees that would be agreeable with our daughter’s allergies. It was no easy task, but you delivered, and we are so grateful! We know that you put in a lot of extra work having to research allergy friendly trees that still worked with the overall vision of your design.

The kids and the dogs are now enjoying a great space to run and play in, and the peek-a-boo through fence, was nothing short of magic! You really went above and beyond.


We would be more than happy to recommend you and your company.


Darren L.

Union City

To Everyone at Jefferson Landscape and Design,

Thank you all for the wonderful job you did. You were friendly, honest, reliable, hard working and aimed to please. I truly appreciate the time you took to go over options with me that would fit my desired look for the backyard. You really went above and beyond what was promised. You definitely exceeded my expectations and I am now enjoying and loving my yard. I am keeping you guys on speed dial for my next project. You’re the best!

Tana J.

Castro Valley

Jefferson Landscape,

My wife and I wanted to reach out to say what an excellent job you all did. We really appreciate your hard work. And the pondless waterfall in our front yard is the envy of the neighborhood. We really love it!

Thank you again, 

John & Staci P.

San Ramon

Jefferson and Crew:

I want to say the customer service you guys provide is first rate. Not only were you available to answer our questions during the project (unlike other contractor's we've dealt with), but your guys have to be the most professional and polite I've seen in a construction crew. Other companies could learn a thing or two from you and your men. 


The landscaping is great. Several of our friends and family have complimented your arbor and I thought you should know about it. I'm glad you talked me into using 6x6 posts. The design was well thought out and executed nicely.  Thank you. It’s been a real pleasure having you and your crew bring that vision to life. Let me know if you need a reference, I'd be happy to help. 

You run a tight ship!

Toby J.


Hello Jeff,

Thank you for all your hard work. We were in a time crunch to get the backyard done by summer and you hit it out of the park! We really appreciate the constant communication during the entire process. The hand-built arbor is a perfect addition and it going to be the perfect spot to say “I do”, and the lighted pathway you did is going to look amazing during the evening reception. This wouldn’t be possible without the constant professionalism of you and your entire team.

Thank you again. We will be recommending you to all our friends and family.

Jamie and Allen S.

San Ramon

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