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It means Jefferson Landscape and Design doesn’t typically install new landscape projects unless there’s a professional architectural design we use to build the project. There are a few exceptions, but anytime you’re starting over with a landscape project, it’s far better for the client and the installing contractor to have a set of plans that are professionally drawn. We design landscape projects by following a well-developed process where the objective is to provide our clients with a beautiful layout that follows its function and is based on their needs. We begin by having them fill out a Consultation Questionnaire during our first meeting (for which there is no charge). Once we're hired and have a drawing to present, we review the design with the client and give them an opportunity to make changes  and go over a preliminary proposal. We then use their feedback from our presentation to make any necessary modifications before providing a completed design and proposal to commence work. We use the design to build!

Flagstone Patio Landscape

Most successful landscape projects begin with a design. Design charges can vary depending on the scope and size of the project. We have a minimum design fee (which is comparatively inexpensive) and generally don't charge over the minimum unless we are doing the entire property instead of sticking to either the back or front yard, or if your yard is significantly larger than the average. Although we have been doing designs 20 out of the 25 years we have been in business, we haven't increased the design fee much. While the projects we choose and the services we offer have reached a high level of professional quality as a result of our dedication and many years of experience, when Jefferson Landscape and Design is hired to design your project, 100% of your design fee is applied toward the cost of your installation. Whether your project is installed at once, or in phases, we can help with your vision or create one for you.

  • View a portfolio and design examples

  • Fill out a questionnaire with a professional

  • Give us your input and view the design as it is created

  • See what the project will look like before it begins

  • Know what the project will cost without any surprises

  • Design Fee is applied toward the project!

  • Install it at once or in phases

Our Design Process includes three (3) meetings allocated for client input and approval. 


  • 1st Meeting: View Materials, Discuss Goals, Installation Options and your Budget

  • 2nd Meeting: Get your Input on Design Progress, make Changes

  • 3rd Meeting: Discuss Final Design, the Proposal for Installation

If you would like to set up a Consultation, send us a message through our Contact Page, Call us at 510-861-0944 or Request a Design Packet by Emailing us at


If you have a plan you want us to look at, as long as it meets our criteria and you provide us a hard-copy, we will consider it. However, it must be drawn to scale and be of a professional quality. We prefer to work with the quality we demand of ourselves and don't often see that quality when asked to accommodate other designers. Unless it is a landscape contractor who has experience installing what they design, while there are exceptions, we prefer to install our own designs. We rarely install designs drawn by homeowners because their drawings usually aren't to scale, which precludes us from doing a proper take-off. We are happy to build on a client’s ideas and use their rendition as a launching pad, but in order for a plan to be done properly, it has to be drawn to an architectural scale and be given a myriad of other considerations.

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