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Beautiful Pond and waterfall, self-sustaining ecosystem, residential ecology


Jefferson Landscape and Design uses both Aquascape and Pondbuilder products to create self-sustaining ecologically balanced ponds and water gardens, in order to provide healthy ecosystems and habitats for various flora and fauna. Because our ponds use nature's filtration to stay clean, no chemicals are used or needed—routine maintenance is eliminated! In fact, having a water feature and caring for it, requires less maintenance than a lawn...and less water!

Waterscapes Bring Landscapes to Life!


With its own ecological system that includes fish, beneficial bacteria and aquatic plants, the water stays crystal clear. In this natural setting, the pond’s skimmer continuously sweeps the surface clean and deposits unsightly debris in a catch bag for easy removal. Additionally, as the water is pumped through the waterfall unit, microscopic bacteria goes to work scrubbing the pond clean, breaking down fish waste (along with other pond debris) so there is no work for you!. Our water features are inhospitable to mosquitoes because there is never any standing water!!
Ecosystem Diagram with the anatomy of a pond ecosystem


Jefferson Landscape and Design can utilize a slope you have in your yard or create one for you. The sound of water cascading over rocks will resonate with you and your loved ones as you enjoy your morning coffee, or relax in your favorite lounge chair with a book. Tranquil moments are found easier with the charm of your personalized water garden and the ambiance of waterfall lights. What could be more pleasant than welcoming friends and family to your home with a Pondless™ Waterfall?
Pondless Waterfall Diagram
Pondless Waterfall
If Maintenance is a Concern, Don't Let it Be. Pondless™ Waterfalls Don’t Require Any!
Most Pondless™ Waterfall systems are less expensive to install than Pond EcoSystems and don’t require pumps to run 24hrs a day because there are no fish to support. Pondless™ Waterfalls can be equally as beautiful as a water garden and still benefit the local wildlife. A Pondless™ Waterfall will certainly bring your landscape to life as birds and butterflies drop by for a visit. A well-positioned waterfall can offer hours of enjoyment and comfort. Jefferson Landscape and Design can design a Pondless™ Waterfall that works for you. Perfect for families with small children and pets!


Aqua Basin Basalt Columns
Aqua Basin Fountain Water Features
 Aqua Basin Water Features in Pots


The AquaBasin™ provides a more natural-like water flow and look than a fountain does, because the water seemingly disappears into the rock below - much like the Pondless™ Waterfall. Similarly, the AquaBasin™ can be operated on a timer to come on at a time of your choosing, even twice a day, for as long as you wish.
Lights may be added to accentuate your feature in the evening, accommodating the ambiance and mood. The AquaBasin™ is perfect for our clients who would like to add a water feature to their landscape but don't have room in their budget for an Ecosystem Pond or Pondless™ feature.

And for our water lovers….
What a wonderful thing to come home to! Let us install an AquaBasin™ feature near your front door or along the walkway from your driveway to your home. Or maybe you have found the perfect place in your backyard. Nothing is more peaceful, serene and has more of a calming effect than the sound of running water. Can you think of a better way to welcome guests into your home?
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