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What about Landscape Lighting?

With spring on the horizon, everyone is looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time outdoors. Family activities, extended dinner parties, and BBQs after dusk are all on the horizon. Having a nightscape can make all of the difference. Grab a glass of wine after a long day and enjoy the ambiance of a shimmering waterfall, or the lighting accents that highlight your trees, walkway and trellis. Use the lighting to play fetch with your dog after dark. Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your landscape well after the sun goes down.

In fact, it’s like having two landscapes for the price of one!

Low voltage outdoor lighting enhances the aesthetics of your landscaping and increases its overall security. We install path lights to illuminate walkways and planter areas, spot lights that aim for the trees, and niche lighting for custom spaces, e.g., decks, arbors, staircases, and benches. A well-planned nightscape can provide an elegant setting. Lights are a great way to accentuate textures in trees, large shrubs and architectural features like walls, columns and other outdoor assets. Lights can also be used to illuminate the underside of plant foliage or graze the base of a facade or wall.

Make an entrance more inviting, provide a location for entertaining, or enhance your home’s style. Produce a soft, romantic mood during evening hours, highlight a lovely koi pond, or mark property boundaries and illuminate dark areas. Whatever your goals, landscape lighting will instantly transform your yard and provide beautiful nighttime ambiance.

Create a Lighting Design Plan

If you are taking on a new project that requires a design, Jefferson Landscape and Design will offer a lighting scheme for the new plan. However, if you are adding lights to your existing layout, it helps to walk around your yard after dark to get a realistic picture of your landscape and outdoor spaces after the sun goes down. By gaining a nighttime perspective, you can best determine what areas need visual interest, what spaces need function, and what features need special focus.

  • Do you want to create an inviting entrance to your home?

  • Do you need safe footpaths for walkways and pathways?

  • Do you need additional security for your property?

  • Do you want to create functional outdoor areas for entertaining?

  • Do you have outdoor features that you want to showcase?

Once you determine your lighting goals and create a well-planned lighting design, you can create a landscape with stunning nighttime appeal. By choosing the right fixtures and using proper placement you can give your home and landscape the magical element you deserve. When choosing outdoor lighting fixtures, think about existing structures, trees and shrubs, decorations in the garden, and features in the yard. Estimate the height of objects and foliage where you want to place the lighting. All of these items will either reflect light or absorb it. A well-lit landscape should have both functional and decorative lighting.

For best control of your landscape lighting, Jefferson Landscape and Design will install a timer. Timers are the easiest, most reliable way to control your lighting and allow you to adapt to time and seasonal changes. Some manufacturers have lighting apps and provide convenient ways to manually control your lights without having to physically flip a switch that don’t require an electrician. Jefferson Landscape and Design can help you install it!

Not everybody puts outdoor lighting into their design, but most people want it. If it isn’t in your budget the first time around, Jefferson Landscape and Design offers the option to bury low-voltage wire when we install your irrigation system. This “pre-wire option” allows customers who may not be ready to install their lighting during the first phase to do so at a later date and save money.

If you want a beautiful landscape with stunning, nighttime appeal, don’t dismiss the importance of landscape lighting!

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