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Customer Service Matters: And We Deliver!

Customer service is the cornerstone of Jefferson Landscape and Design’s business model—without exception. If not for the gratitude of our clients we wouldn’t be doing business for over 25 years.

We realize it. We appreciate it.

An ethical business exchange is mutually beneficial. Both parties are happy when it’s finished and feel good about their decision to work together. The deal is considered fair and both sides are pleased with its value. Equally as rewarding, particularly with a landscape project, is the satisfaction knowing you, as the client, participated and made contributions to the process, because we listen and consider your input. Through our shared communication, Jefferson Landscape and Design develops a landscape that suits you and your family’s personal needs. Thus, you can take real ownership in the result.

It’s great having your needs not only met, but surpassed. If you are still unsure about what you want in your landscape, we know what questions to ask to help you gain the right perspective; how to approach it and design it so it compliments your daily life. The process we’ve developed allows you to consider the options for your project in its entirety. We accommodate your lifestyle and make your landscape an extension of your home. One of the benefits to a well-designed landscape is how it improves the quality of your life. And the secret to this achievement is communication!

Whether fostered with our professional assistance based only on a vague vision you have, where we take a blank canvas and create something outstanding; you contribute by conveying the landscape’s function and select items using our Consultation Questionnaire; you have some basic concepts and choose only a few selections from our Consultation Questionnaire leaving the rest to us, but need our support in order to make the space flow properly and form its continuity; given our highly effective process and our experience working with plenteous clients over the years makes us qualified to offer an experience that is both personal and unique. To request a Design Packet including a Landscape Design Proposal and Consultation Questionnaire click here.

Landscaping your home can be a major undertaking. We have gone out of our way to garner a process that is inclusive, informative and rewarding from the initial design packet you receive to the final walk-thru where you learn how to operate your (user friendly) timer and receive the instructions telling you what adjustments to make and when. In short, we are dedicated to communicating with you every step of the way, providing regular updates as we lead you through your landscape project From Design to Finish!

We Take Pride in the Communication We Provide!

Jefferson Landscape and Design is a design and build company which means our clients deal with the same person from the beginning to the end:

  • ​View a portfolio and design examples

  • Fill out a questionnaire with a professional

  • Give us your input and view the design as it is created

  • See what the project will look like before it begins

  • Know what the project will cost without any surprises

  • Design Fee is applied toward the project!

  • Install it at once or in phases

Our Design Process includes three (3) meetings allocated for client input and approval.

1st Meeting: View Materials, Discuss Goals, Installation Options and your Budget

2nd Meeting: Get your Input on Design Progress, make Changes

3rd Meeting: Discuss Final Design, the Proposal for Installation

Project Communication:

  1. First meeting is to view a portfolio of our work, discuss goals, the function of your landscape, and installation options. Hopefully, hire us to create your landscape’s design.

  2. Second meeting is to provide a completed drawing, get your input and make necessary changes. If requested, we provide a preliminary proposal with the design’s first draft.

  3. Third meeting includes your finalized design and itemized proposal with detailed specifications and recommended materials for your approval.

  4. As the project is installed, enjoy regular updates and communication about what’s next, what decisions we need from you and by when. You are never left wondering about the progress we're making!

Unlike other contractors, we don’t subject our clients to unnecessary delays or perform concurrent work on other projects with the same crew. Jefferson Landscape and Design doesn't walk off of a project until it’s completed.

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