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How About an Arbor?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Arbors date back to ancient Egypt but are probably older than the written record. Later they were used in Greek and Roman gardens and by the late 16th Century they were all throughout Europe. In fact, as civilization spread, so did the use of arbors. As Americans settled the West so too came the arbor, where in California they have become quite popular.

Inspire your outdoor space!

An arbor in a landscape or garden can do more than just add a touch of elegance. It can provide shelter, privacy, shade and serve as an accent, or a focal point. An arbor adds a lot of character to a landscape and makes it unique. It defines garden spaces and influences the way you experience the garden. It adds a vertical zing. It creates contrast. Drama. And keeps your garden from being predictable. Arbors draw the eye upward making the garden feel larger. They serve to provide shade for patios or destination areas.

The posts and sunshade consist of an open framework to support colorful and fragrant vines or climbing roses, making it the perfect place to dine al fresco during the warm summer nights. Arbors can be built in many sizes and serve different purposes. Transform your yard with structures that offer beauty, comfort and shade protection. They can be an ideal solution, whether you want the perfect outdoor place to entertain guests or a private place for reflection. They are terrific for patios or destination areas.

A short walk-thru arbor can be constructed as an entryway connecting one part of the garden with the other. They can blend in with the landscape or separate different garden areas and direct traffic. Depending on where it’s put and how the landscape is laid out, it can often make the yard seem bigger; an admittance into a separate dimension. Walk-thru arbors offer a partial view into the garden; giving visitors an enticing glimpse of the private space beyond. After all, a peek is more tantalizing than a full view! It invites you to imagine what’s beyond the vines. What a great way to enter your home through any door! They are also a great way to make a fence more interesting.

They can be built over fence sections or over your gate!

Arbors only require permits if they are attached as a structure to your home. Build it free-standing and no permit is required! Jefferson Landscape and Design builds quality, beefy arbors using redwood. We sink steel anchors into three-foot concrete piers below the ground, then bolt the anchors into 6”x6” redwood posts above the grade, whether concrete, dirt or otherwise. The crosswise girders hug the posts and support the perpendicular joists (also on either side of the posts) and are all bolted through solidly. Then the smooth, surfaced 2”x2” shade boards that run parallel with the girders are screwed into the joists at either end. It won’t even shake! We stain and seal our client’s arbors to protect the wood so it lasts a long time. And we stain and seal the wood before we put it together to give it a professional, natural look! In addition, we give our arbors character by cutting custom scrolls at the end of the joists and girders.

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