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Relaxation and Health


Putting Greens are a Great Way to Relax!

Are you thinking of installing your own putting green to sharpen your short game? It’s fun to golf with friends, but cutting strokes from your game takes concentration, not conversation. With a backyard putting green, you will have the space and quiet to get it done. Practice as long as you want without distractions or getting in someone else’s way. Sneak a few putts in before work or in the evenings when you’re winding down after your day. If you are truly interested in the perfect backyard, consider installing a water feature for the natural ambience it brings.


Even if your property is limited in size or strangely shaped, our design pros can help you create an attractive space that works for your surrounding landscape. We can offer several variations with a fringe to practice chip shots and custom breaks to accommodate a drop in elevation. If there’s room, we can install a bunker so you can practice your sand wedge. In short, a pro-quality putting green that acts as an eye-catching element to your overall landscaping. All these amenities will help when it comes to honing your game.


Jefferson Landscape and Design installs professional, realistic, maintenance-free, weather proof putting greens.


A custom-designed backyard putting green is an investment in your golf game and in your home’s aesthetic and financial value. Use it year-round, whenever the mood strikes. Teach the kids to putt and chip. Either share the wealth with your golf buddies, or leave everyone to wonder how your short game just keeps getting better and better. But if you invite your friends over to enjoy your backyard putting green, they’ll appreciate the practice.


On-going Health Benefits to Playing

There are several health benefits to playing golf. These benefits come without many of the hazards that accompany playing other riskier sports. While it’s certainly not impossible to injure yourself while playing golf, it’s not as dangerous as football or basketball.


Golf is known to have benefits for your heart. Probably why it is so popular among those who are retired and wish to remain active. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time walking the fairway and greens, rather than riding around in a golf cart. The better your heart health, the likelier you are to increase your longevity. You may not recognize how much you’re helping your heart as you play golf, but it’s happening. Even putting the ball around the backyard for a few hours a week can make a difference (the more you’re on your feet, the less you’re on the couch).


The regular exercise of golf can also strengthen your bones, and increase your general mobility. Golf requires a lot of regular, repetitive motion, especially around the hips. This will ideally continue to aid in your flexibility as you age.


Aside from boosting your heart and bones, golf also is known for helping with weight loss as you walk around and get active. In fact, golf can even help better your mental health, as it cuts down on stress (believe it or not).


Finally, putting greens can be installed during any season!

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