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Pondless™ Waterfalls

A pondless™ waterfall is a feature that incorporates a waterfall without a pond. An incredible option for any backyard. Unlike traditional ecosystem ponds, pondless™ waterfalls cascade into an underground reservoir, eliminating safety concerns associated with open water or a traditional garden pond. They’re a great way of incorporating a waterfall feature into your back (or front) yard, and work just as well in small spaces, or larger landscapes. The basin at the bottom of the waterfall is designed to be wider than the waterfall itself. This gives the pump time to re-circulate the water. The larger the waterfall, the bigger the reservoir has to be to ensure enough water can move through the system. Still, the vast majority of features install comfortably within a 10 x 10 area and the smaller one can be installed within 6 x 6.


There are various benefits to be gained from opting to install a pondless™ waterfall in your backyard. Aside from being able to listen to the tranquil sound, their maintenance requirements are essentially non-existent, making them a practical choice for busier homeowners. There’s also no biological need to keep it running 24 hours a day. However, pondless™ waterfalls are eco-friendly and promote water conservation by recirculating the same water, reducing waste through evaporation. Indeed, a pondless™ waterfall uses less water than a drip system, on average. So, they’re also drought friendly and are a great water source for wildlife. [blog] As with an ecosystem pond, there’s no stagnant water so you don’t worry about mosquitoes.


Reasons to Choose a Pondless™ over a Pond:


1.       You have a pet or small child: Getting a full pond installed can be a scary situation when pets or small children are involved. Pondless™ waterfall features don’t have that standing water at the base, so your pet is less likely to get drenched or stuck in the pond and there’s no risk of your little ones drowning.

2.      You’re limited on space: As implied by the name, pondless™ waterfalls do not include the bulky pond at the bottom, so they take up less space. This makes it a great water feature for smaller backyards while still allowing you to enjoy the same serenity of a backyard pond.

3.      You’re limited on funds and time: Pondless™ waterfall features typically cost a few thousand dollars less, and require very little attention, time or additional hobby monies.


Jefferson Landscape and Design can utilize a slope you have in your yard or create one for you. The sound of water cascading over rocks will resonate with you and your loved ones as you enjoy your morning coffee, or relax in your favorite lounge chair with a book. Tranquil moments are found easier with the charm of your personalized water garden and the ambiance of waterfall lights. What could be more pleasant than welcoming friends and family to your home with a pondless™ waterfall?


If Maintenance is a Concern, Don't Let it Be.

Pondless™ Waterfalls Don’t Require Any!


Other positives of installing a pondless™ waterfall include:


·         They generally do not take up much space.

·         No skimmer or filtration system is required because they do not have standing water.

·         It is safer for small children and small pets to be around.

·         The lack of standing water greatly minimizes the risk of problems with mosquitos.


Most pondless™ waterfall systems are less expensive to install than pond ecosystems and don’t require pumps to run 24hrs a day because there are no fish to support. Pondless™ waterfalls can be equally as beautiful as a water garden and still benefit the local wildlife. A pondless™ waterfall will certainly bring your landscape to life as birds and butterflies drop by for a visit. A well-positioned waterfall can offer hours of enjoyment and comfort.

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