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Residential EcoSystem Ponds

EcoSystem Ponds include a balance of aeration, filtration, plants, fish, rock and gravel. All components must be present in order to be considered an ecosystem since all components interact to keep the pond naturally balanced, thereby minimizing maintenance. The optimal size for a residential EcoSystem Pond is 11’ x 16’ and can fit in most backyards, particularly when designed in advance. This size is the easiest to manage and requires the least amount of effort to maintain. An 8’ x 11’ is also a manageable size.


Quick Overview

The biological waterfall boxes hold bio mats that filter out harmful waste and toxins from the water, keeping your pond clean and clear. The bio mats provide an excellent surface area for the beneficial bacteria to grow while making a simple and artistic way of creating a waterfall. Easy to camouflage, too! The bacteria convert the fish waste to a bio-sludge. The bio-sludge is taken up as nutrients by the roots of the aquatic plants!


Using a black PVC flexible hose to carry the recirculating water from the pump in the skimmer box up to the biological waterfall box is much easier than a rigid PVC line. The Mechanical skimmer box simplifies routine maintenance by removing floating debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond. The additional bio-mats that sit inside the skimmer between the debris net and pump protects the pump. The pump sits toward the back of the skimmer behind the biological mats free from the clogging of leaves and other debris that collects in the net through the skimmer’s weir door. The skimmer lid hides the unsightly plumbing.


With its own ecological system that includes fish, beneficial bacteria and aquatic plants, the water stays crystal clear. In this natural setting, the pond’s skimmer continuously sweeps the surface clean and deposits unsightly debris in a catch bag for easy removal. Additionally, as the water is pumped through the waterfall unit, microscopic bacteria go to work scrubbing the pond clean, breaking down fish waste (along with other pond debris) so there is no work for you! Our water features are inhospitable to mosquitoes because there is never any standing water!!


Jefferson Landscape and Design uses products from both Aquascape and Pondbuilder to create self-sustaining ecologically balanced ponds and water gardens. Subsequently then, this provides a healthy ecosystem and habitat for various flora and fauna. Because our ponds use nature's filtration to stay clean, no chemicals are used or needed—routine maintenance is eliminated! In fact, having a water feature and caring for it, requires less maintenance than a lawn...and less water!

Everything the DIY person needs to create the backyard paradise they’ve been dreaming about (knowledgeable contractor not included). The ecosystems should include:


·         Underlayment for the properly dug hole with carefully laid out steps

·         A 45 mil EPDM fish-friendly liner for the pond and waterfall areas to hold the water

·         A pond skimmer [the mechanical filtration unit]

·         A spillway waterfall cascade box

·         A pump with variable speeds controlled either manually or with an app/remote

·         Plumbing: flexible pipe, hardware and assembly

·         Silicone and pond foam

·         Rock and Gravel

·         Moss Rock Boulders

·         Aerobic bacteria that colonize in the gravel and mechanical filters alike for breaking down fish waste and converting it to a bio sludge

·         Aquatic plants so their roots can take up the bio-sludge as nutrients

·         Fish such as goldfish and koi to feed on algae and plants to complete the ecological cycle

·         Under water lights for both pond and waterfall with transformer

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